The Latino Art League

Osbel Susman-Peña

Shows & Events Coordinator (USA), Osbel Susman-Peña is a visual artist and graphic designer. He was also a professor of design and illustration for several years at the Superior Institute of Industrial Design (ISDI) in Havana, Cuba. He is a graduate of the San Alejandro National Academy of Fine Arts in Havana, Cuba.

Yenny Delgado

Fundraising & Events Coordinator (USA), Yenny is also the Co-Founder & Director of Umbrella Initiatives Foundation. Yenny’s past experience and work has been focused on equal opportunity and access to education both in Peru and USA. She has extensive experience working in community development projects, fundraising and social work with women and children.

Raul Tolentino

Shows & Events Coordinator (PERU), Visual artist, Art Collector and Art Dealer born in Lima, Peru. His formal studies were conducted at the National School of Fine Arts of Lima (ENSABAP) and the Museo de Arte de Lima, Peru. Tolentino had directed his own gallery in the city of Lima for over fifteen years where he worked with emerging and established Latin American artists.

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Supporting Board Members & Volunteers.


Treasurer: Vacant.

Secretary:  Vacant.

Honorary Board Member: Mr. Abraham Garcia.

Honorary Member: 

Hospitality: All members

Webmaster: Marco Cuba Ricsi.

TLAL Team  (La Directiva)

Roxana Rojas

Journalist, Media Coordinator and Blogger of THE LATINO ART LEAGUE. Roxana defines herself as a self-taught artist who is in constant exploration. She works primary on collage and paint. She runs our TLAL Blog and produces the monthly interviews for our artists members. 

Marco Cuba Ricsi

President and founder of  THE LATINO ART LEAGUE, member of various associations and art leagues; activist and arts advocate. He is a multimedia visual artist. Marco studied at the Peruvian School of Art, The Museum of Art in Lima and the Institute of Graphic Design Jose Sabogal.

Nuestra gente hace la diferencia.

​En TLAL creemos en el trabajo en equipo, estamos seguros que juntos podemos lograr nuestros objetivos y trazarnos nuevas metas. Una organización como la nuestra necesita no solo el aporte económico sino también el tiempo voluntario que cada uno de sus miembros pueda donar. Es por esto que los invitamos a unirse al equipo de TLAL. Nuestra membresía no solo te hace parte de una liga diferente, sino también parte importante de un equipo que avanza y crece con sus miembros día a día en la dirección correcta. Agradecemos a todos y cada uno de ustedes por su tiempo voluntario, sus ideas y sus aportes.

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Our people makes the difference.

At TLAL, we believe in teamwork, we are confident that together we can achieve our objectives and set ourselves new goals to continue our way. An organization like ours needs not only the economic support but also the volunteer time and commitment  of each member. That is why we invite you to join the TLAL TEAM. Our membership not only makes you part of a different Art League, but also an important part of a team that grows bigger with its members every day in the right direction. We thank each and every one of you for your volunteer time, your ideas and contributions.
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La Directiva