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Art Class For Kids Hints And Tips -- Saving Artwork Made By Children

Households, particularly those with numerous youngsters, are faced with the problem of what to do with the products of their children's art education. Because of the time and thought they put into each piece, it can be difficult to know what to do with them. At the same time, saving every item your child makes during an art class for kids isn't easy. The kid will feel that his or her work isn't good enough if you are caught throwing them out. It is often difficult for parents to part with these memories and milestones too. Several options are available to parents that will keep the entire family happy.Traditional MethodsMany parents choose to limit the number of pieces they keep from an art class for kids. Some toss them after they have been around for a certain length of time; others discard quick scribbles and keep the rest, while others store them all in a system that keeps everything contained. Others only keep artwork that represents a particular milestone or occurrence in the child's life. Another great...


Why Do People Like Drawing Cartoons?

Drawing cartoons is a popular way to begin learning how to draw. Especially when you are young, you want to be able to draw the kind of images that you are most familiar with, and so cartoons tend to be a common choice. Even adults who have chosen to explore drawing as a hobby, will often try drawing cartoons as a way to exercise their skills. There are many different reasons why they do so.For grownups, cartoons take them back to their early days, when watching after school and Saturday morning cartoons was an important aspect of their lives. Being able to imitate several of the more popular ones has a great deal of nostalgia that goes along with it. For kids, it is more of an immediacy thing. They are usually watching cartoons, reading comic books and playing with character related toys. For them to draw cartoons is simply a normal action at that age.Drawing cartoons is also popular because they tend to be fairly easy to draw, and so for a beginner it is much more satisfying. If you are struggling to create...


Oil Painting Techniques - The Many Ways to Apply Oil Paint

Oil paint is one of the most versatile and adaptable painting mediums in existence today. There are many techniques and effects possible with oil paint. Oil paint can be applied in thin transparent glazes or washes, or the paint can be mixed to a thick buttery consistency and applied using a painting knife. There really appears to be no end to the wonderful ways you can create art with this amazing painting medium. This article will talk about some of the many ways you can use oil paint.Dry brushThe dry brush technique involves using a small amount of oil paint straight from the tube. It is then brushed thinly onto your support with a bristle brush. This technique works particularly well with a rough surface. The raised parts of your surface pick up the paint, while the dips or valleys in your support do not. This creates a broken color effect where the color of your canvas shows through.Painting On A Toned GroundThe white of a canvas can sometimes be too bright or have too much contrast which makes starting ...


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