Why Do People Like Drawing Cartoons?

Drawing cartoons is a popular way to begin learning how to draw. Especially when you are young, you want to be able to draw the kind of images that you are most familiar with, and so cartoons tend to be a common choice. Even adults who have chosen to explore drawing as a hobby, will often try drawing cartoons as a way to exercise their skills. There are many different reasons why they do so.

For grownups, cartoons take them back to their early days, when watching after school and Saturday morning cartoons was an important aspect of their lives. Being able to imitate several of the more popular ones has a great deal of nostalgia that goes along with it. For kids, it is more of an immediacy thing. They are usually watching cartoons, reading comic books and playing with character related toys. For them to draw cartoons is simply a normal action at that age.

Drawing cartoons is also popular because they tend to be fairly easy to draw, and so for a beginner it is much more satisfying. If you are struggling to create certain images, it can be reassuring to be able to draw a complete image that looks very close to the real thing. Cartoons tend to be based on rounded shapes joined together, and so they can usually be drawn with a minimal amount of effort, even for a beginner.

Probably the main reason why cartoon drawing is popular has to do with the correlation they produce with just about everybody. Somebody who is great at drawing people may collect impressed remarks from those around him or her, but if you want people to be excited about what you draw, then a cartoon will typically get a stronger reaction. Everybody knows particular cartoon characters, such as Mickey Mouse, Spongebob, and so on. There is a universal connection that you can produce by drawing a cartoon for somebody else.

Depending on the level of your interest in art, drawing cartoons could be a fun way for you to learn how to draw. Someone who is very serious about the craft and is looking for more artistic methods of learning how to draw may want to start with different techniques. But for younger people who want to learn how to draw as a hobby more than anything else, they will find a lot of joy in learning how to draw cartoon characters.


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