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An Introduction to Pastel Drawing & Painting

Pastels are a wonderful medium to work with. If you are used to painting in wet mediums like oils and acrylics then you should give pastels a try. They are a very refreshing and enjoyable approach to creating art. This article will introduce you to the various pastel mediums that are available as well as touch on a few pastel panting and drawing techniques that you can incorporate into your next work of art.SOFT PASTELSSoft pastels are probably the most popular of the various pastel mediums. Artists love the soft texture and the ability to paint on the colors which allows more freedom and usage of various techniques. Soft pastels can cover large areas and are well suited for blending. By varying the pressure, soft pastels can be applied in very light layers or impastos. Because soft pastels are so delicate they can break easily so proper storage is important. Do not toss your soft pastels in a loose box or drawer. They must be stored in a cushioned box or tray for protection. With excessive use, your pastels ...


Beginner Watercolor Painting Tips - Getting Started With Watercolor

Like any new form of art, watercolor painting can be difficult at first. It is only with time and practice that one becomes a better painter. Never become discouraged by your mistakes or lack of progress.To start watercolor painting you will obviously need to purchase supplies. Purchase the best possible materials that you can afford. We all want to save as much money as possible, but if you work with cheap materials, you are not going to be happy with the end result, especially if you spend days or even months on a particular painting.This does not mean you should go out and spend hundreds of dollars on top of the line supplies right away. Start off buying a small amount of good quality supplies until you become more experienced.PAPER:The quality and texture of the watercolor paper you choose will have a dramatic effect on the final outcome of your painting. Watercolor paper comes in several different categories: cold pressed, hot pressed, and rough. Rough paper has the highest tooth of all watercolor papers...


Realistic Pencil Portrait Mastery: Learn Special Techniques to Properly Draw a Face

It seems like the holy grail of rough drawing or sketching is drawing excellent portraits. Using easy techniques, you will discover how you can draw faces in a step by step fashion in this pencil portrait tutorial below. Before now, it has been difficult for many to attain a high skill level of mastery in a relatively short span of time. Luckily, it is now possible to learn these skills easier and faster by learning how to draw faces step by step and learning the dynamics of each facial feature individually. Firstly, you must study the specific parts of the human face to be drawn. When you separate the different facial parts and sketch them separately, you will learn to draw more quickly. You should strictly focus on one feature at a time so that your comprehension and understanding of essential points is expanded. On several sheets of paper, draw very big eyes, noses, etc. You will understand the principles of how they exist and feel how they move. Draw only one nose, mouth and pair of eyes on a page which...


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