Realistic Pencil Portrait Mastery: Learn Special Techniques to Properly Draw a Face

It seems like the holy grail of rough drawing or sketching is drawing excellent portraits. Using easy techniques, you will discover how you can draw faces in a step by step fashion in this pencil portrait tutorial below.

Before now, it has been difficult for many to attain a high skill level of mastery in a relatively short span of time. Luckily, it is now possible to learn these skills easier and faster by learning how to draw faces step by step and learning the dynamics of each facial feature individually.

Firstly, you must study the specific parts of the human face to be drawn. When you separate the different facial parts and sketch them separately, you will learn to draw more quickly. You should strictly focus on one feature at a time so that your comprehension and understanding of essential points is expanded. On several sheets of paper, draw very big eyes, noses, etc. You will understand the principles of how they exist and feel how they move. Draw only one nose, mouth and pair of eyes on a page which will leave enough room for details.

Next, organize all the prepared drawings. Put the facial characteristics in realistic distances, positioning them in proportion to one another to accurately form a bigger picture.

There are several guidelines for how to put the features in the right places. A lot of people make a habit of putting the eyes too high making the temple appear broad. It appears that some visual or optical illusion makes people believe that the eyes are placed higher than they really are.The eyes should be directly halfway between the chin and the top of the head. This is one of the most essential lessons to learn about sketching good portraits.

Another mistake people make is when they place the eyes on the left or right. Make sure that between the two eyes, enough room is available for another eye to fit exactly into the space. Thus, the hall in the middle of the two eyes and the edge of the face should be enough for another eye.

Also, the bottom part of the nose is midway between the chin and the eyes. The space between the eyes and eyebrows is the same eye level. Midway between the nose and the chin is the mouth.

The top of the ears starts precisely at the eyebrows and the bottom of the ear may come in line with the bottom part of the nose. These measurements may be different for each portrait as each person has different formats and sizes.

If you follow these step by step rules, you should be able to correctly place the facial characteristics. Please note that these are ideal positions and policies. In real life, measurements may slightly vary. This slight variation is what contributes to the individuality of a human face.


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